Have you ever thought about where I would be after 100 – 200 years? What would be mine? Where was I before 100 – 200 years? Where was I before this birth? Who was there with me? Who will be there with me in the future? Those who are with me right now, were they with me earlier? Why are they with me currently?

Have you ever thought about having knowledge about your past life? Have you ever developed any curiosity regarding your next birth?

To decode this, is the sadhana of ‘Thanenam, Monenam, Janenam

You will be able to observe your past clearly, as your sadhana gradually starts becoming pure. Then you will start realizing that now I do not want any such life, any such birth.

Have you ever thought that why apart from human birth, we would never prefer any other birth form, be it animals or birds or insects did ch

Will you be able to tell that, “Yes l like the life of a lion, I like the life of a lizard who is roaming on the wall happily?” No! with the help of Shubh  karma and Punya, we have got human birth, but till how much time? And what after that?

When every second of this priceless human birth passes by, what do you think? Would you be satisfied with your life on your deathbed, or would you experience repentance?

When you obtain the right understanding under the Sanidhya of Guru and start observing your past and planning your future, your Guru Sanidhya (being with Guru) becomes worthwhile. Sanidhya becomes fruitful when you acquire the art of learning from the past and planning for the future.

Guru sanidhya is meant to awaken your soul, stir your soul, and introspect with a true understanding. It should not be that Guru motivates you to do something, and you simply follow his instructions. A Guru wants you to awaken your inner voice by listening to it and planning for your future.

Do you want to catch hold of the ship or wooden plank?

Imagine that one person travels by sea, midway, his ship breaks down. During that time, one ship passes by, and the ship’s captain offers a helping hand. Come! Come to my ship! He gets a floating wooden plank in his hand at the exact moment. With a sigh of relief, immediately, he holds on to the wooden plank and thinks that he is safe now. What is the difference between the person holding on to the plank in one case and  getting on board? One is short-term planning, and the other is long-term planning.

The plank would momentarily guard him, but one cannot reach the seashore with the help of the plank! He won’t be able to reach his destination – to his home!

But the ship would take him towards his home, towards his destination. Should he opt for a long-term decision or just be happy with the short time decision?

Now you tell me happiness, luxuries, convenience, comforts, wealth, relations, belongings, and situations. Are they like a ship or a plank?

All these are like that wooden plank, and depending upon these planks, you are safe at the moment. But what after that?

This is not to frighten you but to make you cautious and aware.

For example, if one person comes to know that there is a deep pit on a particular place on the road and you are driving your car through that road at full speed. That person shows you a red flag, cautions you. Stop here! There is a deep pit ahead! Similarly, a Guru also alerts you, cautions you.

To do future planning, you need to introspect about your structure(Body) and nature. Start thinking about what will be the future of this structure? As you start introspecting about the future of your structure, you will be able to put a brake on the karmic bondage accumulating due to this structure. You will be able to put a brake on whatever wrong actions are taking place due to your structure. Remember to take care of the structure but not get attached to it.

From today onwards, make a decision, I don’t want to complain about my structure anymore, neither do I want to talk anything negative about it.  I have understood that finally, it would turn into ashes. On the death of this structure, the identity connected with it would also be grounded to zero.

Remember that ‘In the end… it would turn to Ashes’.

If it is engraved in your heart that everything finally will turn into ashes, then everything would be controlled.

The process of “Thanenem, Monenam, Janenam” would be a support for this.

What is Dhyan?

To focus attention on yourself is termed Dhyan.

If everything is going to turn into ashes, there should not be any fight for the right as well. It is different when it comes to discipline, but one should not even fight for authority or power. The relationship for which this fight is occurring would also turn into ashes finally, so why should the fight be?

Think it over, when your family member passes away, do they ever remember you back? Do you ever remember any one of them?

What does this mean? Why should one fight for temporary?

You have put on your hard work only to gain temporary happiness to date.

What did Bhagwan Mahavir do?

Did he put efforts into achieving short-time Happiness or long-time Happiness?

For more than 2500 years, Bhagwan Mahavir has been experiencing real happiness (liberation), right? He is experiencing ultimate bliss. Efforts put in to achieve this ultimate happiness were only for 12.5 years!

In 2500 years, how many times were we happy, and how many times were we sad? Why?

Did Bhagwan Mahavir possess any superpower?

No, he was also a simple human being, just like us. If he can acquire ultimate and permanent happiness, why can’t we achieve it?

Introspect with your cognizance about the reason behind what is happening to you. We can decode the cause of pain and suffering later and understand why this is happening to us.

After listening to Guru, the one who listens to his inner voice can follow the right path.

Lakhs of people listened to Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahavir, and Indrabhuti Gautam also heard him. Gautam Swami did self-introspection and listened to his inner voice and thereby got the track of truth.

By going close to a Guru, a person eventually comes closer to himself.

By practicing the process of “Thanenam, Monenam, Janenam,” listen to your inner voice. After a long time of planning, we have to put our efforts into acquiring permanent happiness.

To focus on yourself is Dhyan. We need not pay attention to the temporary structure as this temporary structure is finally going to turn into ashes. To date, nobody’s structure has lasted and will not even survive henceforth.

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