The Process of Dhyan Sadhana:

Thanenam, Monenam, Janenam … Appanam Vosirami

Parmatma has enlightened us with three processes for meditation.

Thanenam implies stabilizing and fixating your body.

Monenam means to become silent and quieten your mind .

Janenam means to focus on one thing and concentrate completely. Another alternative is to connect your mind in the chanting of mantra and concentrate on that mantra.

Stabilize your body, silence your words and concentrate on your breathing to acquire focus. The primary process of establishing concentration involves taking support of your breathing pattern and watching it closely to focus. The process of breath in, breath out, or Anulom – Vilom can be used to build up concentration.

Performing meditation in a righteous way calms the mind by reducing its restlessness.

Our mind is a storehouse of negative emotions like anger, attachment, hostility, jealousy, like, dislike which gives birth to negativity. While experiencing this, we are not only losing out on our time but also binding Karma. This is why we require Dhyan Sadhana.

Whenever we get time, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 15 minutes – we must meditate. Eventually, one day you will be able to stabilize your body for 48 minutes.

It is difficult, but it is definitely not impossible; if you are determined then you can surely do it.

Do remember – stability of the body is the process to attain ‘Siddhatva.’ In meditation, your speech automatically becomes silent, and when your body becomes stable, it results in attaining equanimity of the mind.

It is extremely important to be mindful that dharma should not be performed to achieve happiness, but dharma is meant to seek the truth.

One should never attempt to obtain happiness – through Dharma Aradhana, Dharma Sadhana, and Dharma Upasana.

While doing Dharma Sadhana, if your motive is to seek happiness and when you do not receive the same, then you may end up being disturbed, unsettled, negative.

What kind of statement will you pass? – I have been doing so much of meditation, but it does not feel any good.

To attain ‘Siddhatva’ one must perform sadhana. Sadhana is not always exhilarating but accompanied by challenges.

The process of meditation is an inner Battle.

When you try to meditate, you get multiple thoughts in your mind. At that time, you may become negative and feel that you cannot meditate and thoughts are not becoming calm and stable.

At that time, you must not give up. You must continue striving, and one day you will realize that your efforts are successfully going in the right direction.

That is the reason why you must continue giving in all your efforts and completely dedicate yourself to it.

Prabhu Mahavir have expounded a Sutra

|| Kim Paramam Maranam Siya ||

Ultimately, what can happen worse than death? I must definitely take my sadhana towards the attainment of my ultimate goal.

Precisely why you must practice meditation every day. Everyday, you must increase the duration of your meditation and practice the process of making your body steady.

A Sadhak who can experience the state of – Thanenam, Monenam, Janenam, for 48 minutes moves ahead towards the state of – Kevalgyan (Ultimate knowledge).

The process of Monenam follows Thanenam.

Bring your speech to complete rest. Speaking to your own self or in your mind, must also be stopped.

For Janenam, draw your complete attention towards one object and focus on it. Gradually you will be able to concentrate on it.

After the process of Thanenam, Monenam, Janenam, you must cut off yourself (Appanam Vosirami) from your own impurities and take yourself towards your own ‘Inner’ self.

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