1) Sthirta (Steadfastness) – Seed of Moksh

Thanenam is the process of sitting unmoved in one place in one posture. This is called Aasan Sthirta (stability of posture). When we continue this practice, we achieve Yog Sthirta. The process of sthirta that is staying steady and unmoved is neither easy nor difficult. Regular practice of the same can help us achieve the state of Thanenam.

What are the advantages of the same?

  •  Calms our wavering ness and restlessness present  from infinite time
  •  We can meet ourselves, our real selves, our soul
  • We shall be able to realize the state of our soul
  •  We would be able to understand the emotions emerging from our soul.
  • We will be able to improve our nature
  • Our fear and worry shall reduce
  • We shall be able to maintain equanimity and peace in all situations
  • We would be able to handle all situations

Bhagwan had experimented the same on him and was able to stay strong and fearless in all situations.

Sthirtha (Steadfastness) is the seed or root of Siddhi (Moksh)

When we can maintain stillness/steadfastness, we can stay the same way in Siddh Shila (Moksh) thereon. Hence, stillness is a virtue of my soul, and as and when it increases within us, we will be able to control our emotions and reduce/stop reacting to situations.

We need to learn to become reactionless through this quality of stillness.

When we react impulsively, we do not understand situations in totality, and in the process, end up hurting others as well. When we learn to become unwavering and remain stable, we understand ourselves and the karmic situations that may have led to the same. We tend to become calm and experience the bliss, which we cannot experience even with the material possession of millions or billions of rupees at our disposal. We need to engage in this process of Thanenam to experience the depth of our soul, actual nature of our soul.

When someone starts this process, they connect with themselves and disconnect with everything else. The moment we disconnect with the outer world, we reach a stage where we experience Vikalp mukti (thoughts devoid of choices and desires). Attainment of this stage is the true goal of Aatma Sthirta.

The process of Thanenam, Monenam, Janenam is a very profound secret expounded by Tirthankar Bhagwan to experience internal and pure bliss. If you want to experience true inner peace, start this process of Thanenam, Monenam, Jannenam!

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