During the Jain festival of Paryushan mahaparva, it is the duty of a shravak to abstain from eating green vegetables. Bhagwan said that we generally relish green vegetables more than pulses. Because of this intense likeability we have too much attachment towards these kinds of foods as compared with moong beans, pulses, dals etc.  Alongwith that, the level of violence involved while eating green vegetables is more. 

That is the reason we should eat pulses and grains during Paryushan instead, which involves lesser attachment and hinsa or violence. We must also refrain from using coriander for garnishing and green chilli to enhance the flavour. Paryushan is the most auspicious time to observe fasts. It is good to fast completely during paryushan mahaparva. If possible we must also try to practice fasts like ekasana, ayambil etc. but if one is not capable of performing any such kind of Tapp (fasting) then he must surely avoid eating vegetables and eat food with a detached state of mind. 

Paryushan Parv – the 8 days Jain Festival of Forgiveness is an occasion to fulfill the responsibilities towards our soul. Paryushan parv is the time when our soul vibrates the most and thus during this time, a seeker should indulge in small small tasks that will make his spiritual journey all the more worthwhile. Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb profoundly enlists a detailed list of Do’s and Don’ts of what should be done and what we should refrain from doing during these divine days of Paryushan. During these Paryushan days, one should realize, repent and seek forgiveness for his mistakes by performing Pratikraman, Alochana fasting, taking small Pachkhan vows, etc. If a seeker is not well versed with the process and pronunciation of Pratikraman, he/she can purify his soul by also taking the support of Online Pratikraman Aradhana

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