Meditation is medicine, when done early in the morning, it helps in purifying our thoughts, emotions and our deep seated vices. It is the duty of a seeker to cleanse one’s bhaav (emotions) and instincts during Paryushan Mahaparva which would in turn lead to aatma vishuddhi (soul purification).

 It is ideal to do meditation for 48 mins and if one cannot remain poised, then give yourself the command of “thanenam, monenam, zanenam, appanam vosirami” and sit in kausagg (meditation) posture. Kausagg is a practice to disconnect your body from external materialistic world, relations, five senses and cut off  yourself from the clutter of temporary connections. This disconnection and cut off process for a few moments is called Kausagg.

With closed eyes and meditative posture, while performing Kausagg, you can chant Logass sutra one time, four times, eight times or more, Namaskar mantra can also be recited 7 times, 9 times or more till we can maintain the stability of our body. You can also remember the names of 24 Tirthankars while performing kausagg. Kausagg can be done in a standing posture or in a sitting posture too. Many devotees practice 20, 40, 50 logass aaradhana as per their mental and physical stability while remaining in the kausagg position. Kausagg aardhana can be continued till we can remain poised in one position and once we feel that our threshold to remain steady has reached, we can resume to normal position and relieve from kausagg practice.

Meditation is the process to disconnect, cut-off from the body, thoughts, worldly connections and stabilize the restlessness of the body. A restless body is the reason to bind Nikachit karma and hence practice of kausagg is beneficial to stabilize our perturbed mind and eventually purify our soul during paryushan mahaparv.

Paryushan Parv – the 8 days Jain Festival of Forgiveness is an occasion to fulfill the responsibilities towards our soul. Paryushan parv is the time when our soul vibrates the most and thus during this time, a seeker should indulge in small small tasks that will make his spiritual journey all the more worthwhile. Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb profoundly enlists a detailed list of Do’s and Don’ts of what should be done and what we should refrain from doing during these divine days of Paryushan. During these Paryushan days, one should realize, repent and seek forgiveness for his mistakes by performing Pratikraman, Alochana fasting, taking small Pachkhan vows, etc. If a seeker is not well versed with the process and pronunciation of Pratikraman, he/she can purify his soul by also taking the support of Online Pratikraman Aradhana

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