…जयं भुजंतो भासंतो पावं कम्मं न बन्धइ // 

Jayam chare Jayam chitthe Jayam ase Jayam saye Jayam bhujuntho bhasantho pavam kammam na bandhayi…

24th Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahavir has given a profoundly significant message that those who are careful while walking, staying, sitting, sleeping, eating or speaking will not commit sins. Each of our actions must be done with utmost care, thoughtfulness and alertness.

The 8 sacred days of Paryushan are ideal to follow the preachings of Bhagwan Mahavir. While walking, we should watch the path below, to avoid hurting or killing any insects or small living beings. One should also close the doors gently so that they don’t hurt any lizard that may get crushed inadvertently. We should walk gently and with alertness and not be distracted or walk in haste so that we don’t crush or step on any ant, mouse or such small living beings. We should not walk over grass. 

Each step or action that we take, must be thoughtful and laced with careful consideration and concern for all beings.

Even while sitting, we must check that there are no insects under our seat, and hence we must use Rajoharan or Guchha to wipe the floor and gently put aside small insects if any, before we sit.

We must elevate our spiritual potential during the holy days of Paryushan Mahaparva.       

Even while speaking, we must be alert. Of late we do wear masks, but at other times, and especially during these 8 days we must try to wear the muhapatti or hold a handkerchief across the mouth. While speaking we must take care to keep our mouth covered such that each of our utterance is non-violent, caring for every insect or micro-organism and protecting  air-based organisms. 

Each of our acts must be adorned with alertness – whether it involves eating, drinking water, sleeping, sitting or talking.

We can make deep imprints on our soul with such core values of non-violence and spiritual accomplishments. This is also one of our obligations while celebrating the Paryushan festival.

Paryushan Parv – the 8 days Jain Festival of Forgiveness is an occasion to fulfill the responsibilities towards our soul. Paryushan parv is the time when our soul vibrates the most and thus during this time, a seeker should indulge in small small tasks that will make his spiritual journey all the more worthwhile. Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb profoundly enlists a detailed list of Do’s and Don’ts of what should be done and what we should refrain from doing during these divine days of Paryushan. During these Paryushan days, one should realize, repent and seek forgiveness for his mistakes by performing Pratikraman, Alochana fasting, taking small Pachkhan vows, etc. If a seeker is not well versed with the process and pronunciation of Pratikraman, he/she can purify his soul by also taking the support of Online Pratikraman Aradhana

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